Statement on the Current Conflict in Gaza between the Government of Israel and the Ruling Party of Hamas


From the Executive Committee of the Stutsman County Human Rights Coalition: We condemn the violence perpetrated by Hamas against innocent Israeli citizens on October 7th, 2023, and support the peaceful release of all hostages held in Gaza. We condemn acts of antisemitism and islamophobia here in the United States, and support the peaceful practice of religion guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. We urge all persons to respect the faith of others as they express their anger and grief. We condemn the ongoing and indiscriminate violence between the Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas fighters that has resulted in the death of thousands of Palestinian civilians of various faiths and causing injury and the wide spread destruction of property in Gaza. We support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza by all parties, and the distribution of humanitarian aid to civilians, hospitals and public health facilities. We support the restoration of civil order and services for the people who must live in Gaza. We support international diplomatic efforts to create and sustain a just peace between Jewish and Palestinian peoples who live in the Middle East.

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